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Artist Blog, Episode 1

Have you ever wondered who the artists behind the puzzles are? Each of our puzzles is an artwork from one of our featured women artists, but who are they? 

"Artist Blog" is a weekly bite-sized blog about one of the featured artists, and to kick us off we got Lekha! This is what she has to say; 

"I’m an artist, a visual merchandiser and an art director.

I see motifs, patterns and colors everywhere and I try my best to capture that through my work. I’ve been crafting visual language for brands, both physical and digitally. Designing interactive spaces and working with various mediums is what I’m truly passionate about." 

If you want to check out Lekha, you can find her on instagram: @lekhashastry

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Stay tuned to see who will be featured next week! 

Happy puzzling!

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  • Wow! Amazing to hear about the artists behind the puzzles. Excited for the next one!

    Puzzle Addict

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