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Artist Blog, Episode 3

Have you ever wondered who the artists behind the puzzles are? Each of our puzzles is an artwork from one of our featured women artists, but who are they? 

"Artist Blog" is a weekly bite-sized blog about one of the featured artists, and this week we have Tanaya! This is what she has to say; 

"I am a contemporary graphic artist from Mumbai, India, and through my art, I try to bring the outside world inside, with the thought of making time for emptiness where I can allow myself to heal by creating a garden of my own. I try to capture the in-between spaces of our lives that we always see but do not generally notice and which end up getting stored in our subconscious mind.

My love for drawing and sketching has been there since childhood but it has been elevated when the covid pandemic hit us in 2020, and I started drawing as a meditative practice. It helped my soul heal and kept me positive and that's what I wanted to share with the entire world, of how important it is to stay positive and believe in the power of imagination."

If you want to check out Tanaya, you can find her on instagram: @tanayash

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Stay tuned to see who will be featured next week! 

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