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Gluing Instructions

Congrats, you finished your masterpiece!
Now let’s make it last. 

You can also watch some videos on our
"Glue Process" Instagram highlight to see how it's done. 


Step 1

Make sure your puzzle is on a hard, flat surface.
The glue won’t seep through to the other side but you do want to get it close to the edges. You can put down a tarp or trash bag underneath if you’re not one to color inside the lines. 

 Step 2 

Using your tube of New Edition puzzle glue, create a thick line of glue along one side of the puzzle.

 Step 3

Use the included straight edge to spread the glue from one side to the other, with enough pressure to get the glue in between the pieces and avoid pooling.

Step 4

Allow to dry 12-24 hours